It’s been a while since I posted an update and quite a lot has happened in the intervening time. The first semester is over and I have progressed into semester 2 where quite a bit of humanities work needs to be done, The art side is progressing well, albeit a bit slower than I would like.

I’ve been working on bronze casting for both the art & humanities strands. The art strand was related to the idea of casting manacled hands in bronze. As development for that I cast one of my hands with my fist clenched. This turned out quite well although there were issues with the wax splitting and the ceramic shell cracking during de-waxing. While repairs were made the wax crack was still visible after casting and the flashing caused by the ceramic shell cracking was pretty bad. I;m in the process of cleaning it up although the humanities work has taken priority for now as deadlines loom. The images below show the fist from the creation of the wax to being cast and cleaned up

Image 1 – mould made from alginate, liquid wax poured in and out building layers to create a hollow wax.

Images 2 & 3 are of the completed wax

Note the level of detail on the wax. The following images show the wax with runners attached then during the ceramic shell layering process.


After de-waxing and casting the ceramic shell is broken off and clean up begins. In the image below note the crack form the centre of the wrist extending into the palm. This was mirrored on the back of the cast as well and is where the wax split.

The shiny line at around 11 o’clock is flashing from a crack in the ceramic shell.

So that’s about it for this project apart from more cleaning up and some patination. I’l post a pic once it’s completed.