A slight change of direction.

It’s always been my intention to let the project take its own direction. Obviously historical slavery & its connections to Scotland is the starting point, however, I had an idea that it could develop into a look at modern slavery, however, after considering the topic of the last post I’ve decided that if it is to grow it will move toward the link between historical Scottish slavery and modern day racism is Scotland. Even though a huge number of the people commenting on the articles highlighted in the previous post deny that the historical slavery in Scotland has any relevance today.



A cautionary note. As is usual in places like Facebook and the BBC site, and in particular The Scotsman site, the trolls tend to move the comments in a downward spiral. They quickly make everything about their hatred of the SNP or the UK, depending on their brand of their stupidity. The story above is no different, again ‘it wisnae us’ seems to break through from both sides.


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